Break a new road for the development of local industry characteristic colleges and universities to enhance the sense of mission and contribution of accelerating the construction of a powerful education country


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Abstract: Higher education plays a leading role in the construction of a powerful education country。As an important part of the higher education system,Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should accelerate the modernization of higher education,It is our mission to provide education, science and technology, and talents support for Chinese modernization,It is oriented to serve local economic and social development and industrial development,The goal is to build a high-level university with characteristics,Break a new road of connotative and high-quality development。

Key words: Education power;Local industry characteristic colleges and universities;Connotative high quality development

The Party's 20th National Congress placed education, science and technology, and human resources work in a prominent position, making it clear that "education, science and technology, and human resources are the basic and strategic support for comprehensively building a modern socialist country", and made top-level design and strategic planning for building a strong education country。At present, the construction of a powerful education country has entered the "fast lane" and sounded the "vanguard", and as a leader, higher education is bound to play a strong and efficient supporting and leading role。A series of major deployments of the Party Central Committee on the cause of higher education have provided historic opportunities and pointed out the strategic direction for the development of local industry-specific colleges and universities。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should aim at the national strategy,Clear development orientation,Plan the future layout,Firmly establish the concept of characteristic school running, conformance construction and high-quality development,Explore and practice the service industry and focus on the industry,Consolidate advantages and intensify offensives,Stick to the true colors and highlight the characteristics,A new path of development based on local conditions and radiating to all parties,Fulfill the mission to accelerate the construction of education power,Contribute wisdom。

Adhere to the value pursuit of loving the Party and the country, strengthening the Party and strengthening the country, and firmly grasp the correct direction of running schools

To build a strong education country, the leading is higher education。Higher education plays a vital role in the construction of a powerful education country, and directly affects the overall situation of Chinese modernization and the historical process of national rejuvenation。Therefore, local industry characteristic colleges and universities should closely combine their own advantages and characteristics with the Party's educational policy, national strategic deployment, industrial layout and regional economic structure in the new era, and demonstrate the pursuit of sharing the responsibility with the party, growing with the motherland and forging ahead with The Times in the great cause of building a strong country and national rejuvenation。

We will highlight political guidance and uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should take the Party's leadership as the biggest political advantage in running schools,To sincerely support the "two establishment" and faithfully practice the "two maintenance" as the highest political principles and fundamental political rules,切实巩固和拓展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育成果,The requirements of "six excellent" Party committees in colleges and universities, "five in place" party organizations in colleges and departments, and "seven strong" party branches at the grassroots level,Uphold and improve the system of principal responsibility under the leadership of the Party Committee,Continuously optimize and strictly implement the party and government decision-making system at the university and university levels,Focus on enhancing the political and organizational functions of Party organizations,Promote the creation of star party branches and party building "double creation" joint creation and joint construction linkage,We will improve the overall system of strict Party governance in a strict tone, strict measures, and a strict atmosphere,With pure political loyalty and strong political responsibility for the formulation and implementation of planning blueprints, the implementation of decision-making and deployment, the inspection and training of cadres and talents, the declaration and creation of major projects, the inheritance and promotion of ideology and culture, and other major issues related to the strategic overall situation and long-term development。

Focus on demand orientation, adhere to the service of national and local development strategies。From the birth to the development, relying on the distinct industry background, combined with the unique regional characteristics, the local industry characteristic colleges and universities have accumulated their own school-running characteristics and cultural deposits in the long-term school-running practice, and become a shining flag in the higher education system。In the face of the urgent need of the construction of higher education power and the increasingly fierce competition environment among universities,Local industry characteristic colleges and universities want to achieve reputation and strength to advance,We must view the general situation and work for the overall situation with profound family and country feelings and profound strategic vision,Focus on major issues, important tasks, and key areas of national, local, and industrial concern and need,Build on natural endowments,Build competitive advantage,Further condensing school-running characteristics, enriching school-running connotation, and improving school-running quality,To build itself into a highly compatible with the development of the country and The Times,It is also a power engine and innovation highland deeply integrated with the industry and regional development,Stride forward to the goal of a characteristic high-level university。

Adhere to the education orientation of docking industries and integrating into local areas, and strive to create backbone leading talents

In the final analysis, education is to do a good job in personnel training, which is related to the continuation and sustainable development of the Party and the country。Colleges and universities are the base of personnel training and the bridgehead to realize the independent training of talents. The fundamental mission should be to train the socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should integrate the quality of education with the characteristics of running schools,Cooperate with regions and industries to build a community of value, responsibility, interest and development,The goal of training and cultivating a large number of backbone and leading talents urgently needed for national strategy, industry and regional development is clearly defined,To provide solid support for the Chinese-style modernization。

The long-term plan is to improve ideological and political literacy。The ideological level, political consciousness, moral quality and cultural accomplishment of young college students reflect the guiding ideology of running a university, the effect of cultivating virtues and cultivating people and the spiritual outlook of the campus, which is the original intention and mission of educating people for the Party and the country。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should focus on building a strong country and national rejuvenation,Take ideological guidance and value shaping as the primary subject of talent training,To be politically stable and reliable as the first ability quality that talents must have,坚持不懈用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想铸魂育人,The scientific connotation of "four services" will be integrated into the education of ideals and beliefs and the education of socialist core values,Integrate the characteristics of industry and regional culture into the fertile soil of campus culture,Bring together forces from all fronts inside and outside the school to coordinate the ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideological and political construction, the implementation of the "second class report card" system, the "one-stop" student community construction, "change class" and various new media platform network ideological and political education,Continue to deepen the comprehensive reform practice of "three full education",Strive to build a high-quality education system of "five children simultaneously",We will guide young students to cultivate national feelings, assume social responsibilities, broaden their international perspective, and strengthen their spirit of struggle,We are committed to cultivating the backbone strength needed for Chinese modernization,Even leading figures in some fields。

To optimize the layout of disciplines as a response。Facing the new development pattern in our country, especially the trend of industrial structure adjustment and regional economic transformation, the characteristic colleges in local industry should respond to the time, the situation and the need, accelerate the optimization and adjustment of disciplinary structure, and revise and improve the personnel training program to meet the requirements and expectations of talent type, specifications and levels of industrial and regional development。It should be based on the university's own characteristics and development reality,Give priority to supporting a group of disciplines with historical accumulation, outstanding comparative advantages, and strong support for industrial development,Strive to build a peak discipline, first-class discipline;We will focus on developing a number of majors that meet professional certification standards, have a sound quality assurance system and have good employment prospects for graduates,Create a gold medal professional, first-class professional;meanwhile,It should target strategic emerging industries such as next-generation information technology, new energy, new materials, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, energy conservation and environmental protection, and digital creativity,Combined with the industrial development and resource allocation of the region,Actively cultivate a number of emerging interdisciplinary disciplines and specialties that interact positively with local governments and coupling and symbiosis with industries,Form a professional cluster of disciplines with the atmosphere of The Times,Improve the precision of talent supply。It is necessary to transform the advantages of multi-disciplinary and multi-professional classification construction and integrated development into educational advantages, focusing on cultivating students' scientific thinking ability, engineering and technical ability, understanding and expression ability, and ability to solve complex problems, so as to provide mainstay talents for modern industry and intelligent society。On this basis, for students with active thinking, broad vision and outstanding ability, further strengthen the training of critical thinking, learning ability, creativity and leadership, and encourage students to be the "leader" of the trend of The Times.。

Forge practical innovation ability as the way to break the game。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should always clear their own positioning and service orientation,The concept and model of talent training keep up with the pace of regional economic development, industrial adjustment and technological upgrading,Close to the actual needs of the employer,Together with local governments, enterprises and research institutes, we will build platforms such as industrial colleges, practice bases, innovation and entrepreneurship parks, joint laboratories and graduate workstations,Students' innovative thinking, professional skills and scientific spirit are cultivated through innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, discipline competitions and scientific research projects,Create more "running type" and "leading type" young talents,We will effectively promote the organic connection and integrated development of the education and talent chains with industrial and innovation chains。

Adhere to the innovation orientation of service demand and contribution, and accelerate the realization of scientific and technological self-reliance

As the source of scientific and technological innovation, universities should adhere to the "four aspects", gather innovative resources, optimize campus innovation ecology, and accelerate the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance。For local industry characteristic colleges and universities, it is necessary to combine their own school-running type positioning, with the goal of improving industrial competitiveness and the quality of economic and social development, and focus on helping industry enterprises to break through key technical bottlenecks and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements。

Around the key core technology "stuck neck" problem, carry out scientific and technological research。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should always maintain a keen insight and efficient action force for major national strategies, major regional deployments, major industrial needs, and major concerns of the masses,Focus on practical issues related to national and regional economic development, people's livelihood, and social progress,We will strengthen organized scientific research,Continue to promote the integration of projects, platforms and teams,Deepen strategic cooperation with regional government units, industrial high-tech enterprises, and high-level universities,Actively strive for major science and technology projects with strategic overall foresight by means of "unveiling the list",Construction of innovation entities such as technological innovation research bases, high-end think tanks, and university science parks,From the "fighting alone" based on their own strength to the joint integration of all parties to focus on the transformation of key problems,Crack the "stuck neck" technical problems,Continuously enhance the competitiveness and contribution of science and technology。

Promote institutional reform around the "obstruction" of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities should adhere to the principle of strengthening the construction of social service ability,We will further deepen the reform and innovation of the empowerment mechanism,Researchers will be given more autonomy in the use of funds, allocation of resources, and decision-making on technical routes,We will improve the property rights of science and technology and the ways in which profits are transferred,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties for cooperation,Open up the "last mile" of science and technology to the economy;Establish a scientific research project and fund management mechanism that conforms to the law of scientific research and meets the market demand,To promote more innovative achievements into real productivity with efficient and standardized contract institutionalized management mode;We will improve the system for evaluating teachers' scientific research,Establish an evaluation orientation centered on the quality, contribution and performance of scientific and technological innovation,We will increase the proportion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the evaluation of professional titles, job appointments, assessment and rewards,Effectively stimulate the internal power of teachers to carry out the transformation of results。

Strengthen basic research around the original innovation breakthrough of "from 0 to 1"。Local industry characteristic universities should follow and pay attention to major issues in the field of cutting-edge science and technology at the same time,We will pay more attention to the basic key scientific problems reflected by the industry and regional needs,Strengthen condensation and analysis,Systematically promote strategy-oriented systematic basic research, leading-edge exploratory basic research, and market-oriented applied basic research,We will provide institutional guarantees and policy support for basic research,We will promote the organic integration and interconnection of basic research, applied research and industrialization,The courage to carry out "unprecedented" exploration and practice,It has spawned a number of original scientific research achievements,We will strengthen the supply of sources for scientific and technological innovation,Lay a theoretical foundation for major scientific and technological breakthroughs。

Adhere to the introduction and training policy of multiple measures and multiple evaluations, and comprehensively shape the advantages of human resources

A strong teacher is a strong teacher。It is limited by the gap in core indicators such as educational strength and social influence with affiliated key colleges,Local industry characteristic colleges and universities often fall into the dilemma that talent can not attract, retain, or live,Only by adhering to the principle of the Party's management of talents and the strategy of strengthening the school through talents,Enhance the courage to compete for talents and the true feelings of service talents,Emancipate the mind and take innovative measures in talent work,In order to break through the ice in the process of changing from "pain" to "pass"。

Lasting force, build the bottom line of teachers' ethics。Colleges and universities should abide by the first standard of teachers' ethics, earnestly implement the system of admission and inquiry of faculty and staff, take political quality and moral cultivation as the primary content of investigation, adhere to "zero tolerance" for violations of teachers' ethics, and strictly put teachers into the gate。It is necessary to integrate teacher ethics education and cultivation into teacher pre-job training, political theory learning, professional ability training, classroom education and teaching, and guide teachers to strive to be "big master" who is unified between "Confucian teacher" and "human teacher".。It is necessary to create a strong atmosphere of respect for teachers and education by holding special activities such as the induction ceremony of new teachers and the retirement ceremony of old teachers, teachers' Day commendation, report on advanced deeds of teaching and education, lunch chat between school leaders and teachers。It can simultaneously play a positive incentive role and a negative warning role, vigorously select trees and widely publicize excellent examples of teachers' ethics, and seriously investigate and punish the problem of teachers' ethics irregularities according to law and regulations。It is necessary to promote the construction of relevant systems for teachers' ethics and ethics, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities at all levels, and strengthen the protection of teachers' rights and interests。

Comprehensive measures will be taken to consolidate the effectiveness of "steady cultivation and reference"。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities to expand the channel of attracting talents, not "accept everything, according to the single", but to match the actual construction of their own disciplines and future development plans, and echo the development needs of the region and the industry, to achieve seamless docking of talents with the development of schools, localities and enterprises。We should build disciplines around key subjects,Distinguish different levels of academicians, academic leaders, academic backbone talents, outstanding doctors and other talents,Implement the "one person, one strategy" approach for talent recruitment,Scientific and reasonable determination of salary and assessment conditions,Provide preferential policies or active assistance in housing, spouse work, children's schooling, etc,We will explore and implement a series of innovative measures, such as appointing academicians as distinguished professors, subject-specific recruitment, pooling postdoctoral talents, annual salary system, and agreement salary system,In particular, the key talents and talents in urgent need for the professional development of disciplines,Special support is given in various aspects such as salary, discipline and research platform construction, and life service guarantee,Focus on gathering a group of high-end talents。We must strengthen the construction of talent echelons,We will give full play to the leading and driving role of talent programs at the national level and in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) where we work,And innovative implementation of high-level talent selection and training project, young top talent selection and training project and other school-level characteristic projects,Establish a sound selection and exit mechanism,We will effectively promote the coordinated development of high-level personnel, outstanding young and middle-aged cadres, and young people's reserve forces。

Take overall consideration and set up a good talent evaluation scale。Local industry characteristic colleges and universities are accompanied by the industry, and are closely connected with the region where they are located. More attention should be paid to the establishment and improvement of the "five only" and "multi-dimensional" talent evaluation mechanism, so that the teacher team can better adapt to the new requirements of regional development and industrial structure for education, teaching, scientific research and other work。In the evaluation of teachers,It is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness requirements of Lide and people,Promoting the promotion of professional titles of young teachers is linked to students' work experience as class teachers and undergraduate tutors,The effectiveness evaluation of ideological and political work will be used as an important reference for teachers' annual assessment, job promotion, title evaluation and appointment, and cadre selection and appointment,Promote the integration and mutual promotion of ideological and political education and professional education;Highlight education and teaching performance requirements,It is clear that teachers should educate and guide students to understand the industry background and development prospects of their major,Focus on the compatibility of disciplines and national and regional economic and social development,The results of teaching quality evaluation will be incorporated into teachers' assessment and promotion;Attach importance to the quality requirements of scientific research results,In the teacher title declaration,Distinguish the different values of basic research results, applied research results, technological development and industrialization results,Classify and evaluate,Extended evaluation cycle,Comprehensive and multi-dimensional consideration of the applicant's ability level and actual contribution,Prevent the number of papers, projects, project funds and other amounts of accumulation,We will make the evaluation more scientific, targeted and effective。

Author: Lu Lin Party Secretary of Anhui University of Technology

Source: wechat public account "China Higher Education" (originally published in the 18th issue of China Higher Education magazine in 2023)